The 2017 Porsche Panamera has just been unveiled and it’s now safe to say it is quite handsome. Gone is the old opinion splitting looks and now replaced by sheetmetal that may give passers by a stiff neck.

Being a Porsche, the distinct front end is undeniably 911-inspired but its the rear end that’s getting a lot of attention. Also 911 inspired, the all-new Panamera comes with a neat little trick that appears to have taken a page straight out of Iron Man.

The old Panamera had a two stage pop out rear wing that extended the tips of the spoiler. Not only did it look cool but it was functional too. This eye-catching feature makes it way to the new Panamera and looks better than ever. Still employing the same method as the first Panamera, this one appears to be more fluid and seamless. Also making it cooler than it did is a restyled wing. No longer rounded off, the new pop out wing resembles a blade that springs up faster and extends rather gracefully.

Panamera wing

Some folks thought it was cool trick and couldn’t resist making a neat gif. We think the new rear wing complements the 2017 Panamera rather well and Tony Stark might consider moving to Porsche for his next company car.

GIF: Jalopnik

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