Mr. Bean may have found a new pastime aside from his usual routine of making us laugh and endangering the public with his antics.

What used to be the lovable and reliable green Mini has now transformed into a mean-looking racing machine. Sporting a custom bodykit, aftermarket headlights, racing alloys, roll cage, huge rear spoiler and several GoPro cameras, Mr. Bean’s idea for a souped-up city car is well and truly sick, in a good way.

It is not however an official transformation as the car was rendered by digital artist YasidDESIGN, who made it for Speedhunters, an automotive tuner website. It is safe to say that Mr. Bean and Teddy are both pleased with Yasid’s work, judging by the looks on their faces.

NFS Mr Bean 2

Aside from the reimagining of the Mr. Bean’s classic Mini, Yasid also recreated the famous “Roofride” scene wherein he drove the through the streets of London while manipulating the controls atop his car. This time however, Yasid used a new-generation Mini instead of the original Austin model.

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