What appears to be the interior of a Maserati Quattroporte has been reduced to a white mess as a can of paint accidentally opened after the driver supposedly tried to avoid a dog on the street.

Royal Automobile Association (RAA) Insurance manager Hayley Cain stated that according to the driver, the can of white paint was placed at the rear seat.

“The driver swerved to avoid a dog and the tin of paint he’d set on the back seat flew through the air dislodging the lid,” said Cain.

The RAA manager even added that the can flew around the car like a mini tornado and splashed its contents onto the leather upholstery and windshield, which can be clearly seen on the image above.

The driver was okay however.

The car has been written off and both parties have settled for an insurance claim that amounted to AUD 90,000 (about PhP 3.136 million).

Source: ABC Australia

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