Buying a brand new car with ready cash is a rare occasion nowadays since monthly payments are the new norm.

In China however, a man living in Shenyang City recently bought a brand new luxury car worth CNY 680,000 (about $109,700) with cash in hand. Well not literally all in his hand as the man also brought a truck full of coins with him which weighed in at a hefty four tons (4000 kg).

Luxuy buy coins 2

More than ten employees of the dealership had to move the coins into the building which took them one hour. After counting them all, all of the coins amounted to CNY 660,000 (about $106,480) so the remaining CNY 20,000 may have been sourced from bills or from other kinds of monetary means.

As for the reason why the man used coins instead of bills or monthly payments?

Luxury buy coins 3

The buyer said that the gas station he owns near the suburbs were frequented by busses which mostly paid in coins. There was no bank nearby so he instead decided on collecting the coins in buying a car for the company.

We wonder how many trips to the bank will the dealership make just for this kind of situation.

Source: CCTVNews

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