Another Ferrari stallion bites the dust in China after the police pickup chasing the erratic 458 accidentally rear-ended it.

According to Car News China, the intention of the the police officer driving the pickup was to pursue and capture the driver of the 458 who was reportedly driving recklessly, endangering other drivers. Midway through the chase however, the Ferrari suddenly stopped on the middle of the bridge which resulted in the pickup’s collision with the Italian sports car.

458 crash china 2

The driver of the Ferrari 458 was allegedly drunk and was immediately arrested while the police driver only suffered minor injuries.

What’s more crazy than the erratic drunk driver and the totaled Ferrari thoroughbred?

458 crash china 3

The fact that what looks to be a first-generation Nissan Navara was able to chase and stick with a Ferrari 458 throughout the pursuit.

Goes to show that you can’t always escape the long arm of the law even if you’re driving a fast car, especially if you’re trying to escape from a trained police officer.

Source: Car News China

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