In life, only three things are certain: life, death and taxes. These days however, you might as well add heavy traffic to the list.

Russian driving 1

It’s not just the Philippines that suffers from major gridlock either. As more and more people buy cars, the inevitability of traffic volume hitting critical mass will eventually make driving around metro areas more and more tedious. In Russia however, people are taking the rail system but not in a way you might think.

Russian driving 3

In a desperate bid to get out of traffic jams, some Russian motorists have begun driving their cars on train tracks. Why wait in a gridlock with long lines of cars when the only vehicle you have to deal with is a single train? Of course, it’s a very dangerous practice with one twitch of the steering wheel being the difference between saving time on your trip and ruining your underchassis.

It’s not just a few people doing this either. A quick video shows that it’s a pretty common occurrence in the streets of Moscow.

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