Since the highly controversial sandbox game went online, many players of Grand Theft Auto have had a certain penchant for creating out-of-this-world maps and tracks all dedicated to tricks and stunts with the vehicles in the game. While all this time players had to improvise using many different pieces from the game to pull their stunts, it seems now the guys from Rockstar Games will give players what they’ve wanted all along; A bunch of dedicated stunt pieces and harrowing racetracks that are very similar to that game with a plumber driving a kart.


Dropping on the 12th of July, the Cunning Stunts update for GTA Online contains all the absurdities that would make any good stunt track. Giant bowling pins, nitro boosts on the floor, giant loops, and many other ways to send cars crashing and flying all make their way into the game. Along with new tracks, plenty of new racing vehicles such as a Group B Audi Sport Quattro replica or an LMP Prototype ought to make the racing all that more interesting.


Hit the clip below to get a taste of what’s to come in GTA Online’s new update:

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