Let’s face it, Arnold Schwarzenegger is known the world over as the monotone, yet efficient cyborg nicknamed The Terminator.

Fans of both ‘The Governator’ and the movie franchise will be glad to know that the Austrian-born actor now lends his ‘Terminator’ voice for the app-based navigation system Waze.

From his official Facebook page, Schwarzenegger stated that wherever he goes, fans would always ask if they could hear some of their favorite lines from his movies. We’re guessing this gave the actor, or Waze, the idea of having The Governator become an available voice option in the system.

If you think we’re joking, we’ve tried it out for ourselves.

Terimanator Waze 2

It also doesn’t hurt to know that it’s free to download.

“You saved me from the future, let’s go!”

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