While the upcoming 2017 Detroit Auto Show will play host to new production and concept vehicles, it appears the folks from Pixar intends to bring a star car to the showroom floor. In a bid to draw interest in the upcoming sequel to Cars, Pixar Animation Studios announced that it will hold a press conference as well as a public display that will showcase a life-sized version of one of the movie’s starring vehicles.

The public display around the 1:1 scaled character will be in theme as well to allow guests for a sneak peek into the upcoming movie. Apart from announcing that a life-sized character will make its appearance in the show, no specifics were mentioned as to which character will be on stage; An obvious bet being the franchise’s star, Lightning McQueen.

Cars 3 is a love letter to racing and its roots, so we could not be more excited to be a part of the North American International Auto Show to share a little bit of our film with our fellow car enthusiasts,” said Brian Fee, the movie’s director.

If you’ve followed the recently released trailer of Cars 3, you’ll bear witness to Lightning McQueen being involved in a rather huge crash. The synopsis posted online by Pixar indicates the movie’s plot revolving around a new generation of younger racers trying to push McQueen out of the spotlight. McQueen then ends up working with a technician named Cruz Ramirez to work his way back into the front of the pack.

As dramatic and – for young fans of the series – traumatizing it is to witness a trailer with McQueen crashing, it certainly makes for a good hook to look forward to what Pixar has in store for Cars’ next installment. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what they have in store for the Detroit Auto Show.

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