As much as the Transformers franchise draws crowds with the big robots – and even bigger explosions – Michael Bay’s latest trailer ought to have us nitpicking about the real stars of the show – the cars.

The latest trailer of Transformers: The Last Knight appears to be a bit sparse in terms of car action, but we can get a fairly nice glimpse of what we can expect. For starters, the very distinct shape of a raging bull tearing up what appears to be the streets of London would be the first thing to notice. Upon hitting pause and getting a closer look, the Lamborghini in question appears to be the $2.5 million Centenario – perhaps lending its shape to a Decepticon?

Apart from the Lambo few other vehicles make an appearance. There were massive International trucks draped in military olive drab as well as a police version of the Ford Mustang, though it is unsure whether these vehicles are Transformers in themselves. Bumblebee made an appearance as well, albeit not in custom Camaro form for the scenes found in the trailer.

With the movie set to release on June 23rd, 2017, perhaps we’ll find more snippets of the cars that will also star in the blockbuster hit as the date draws nearer.

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