Being that Tesla is busy with making three kinds of vehicles for the average commuter, their product lineup may soon see some expansions towards other types of vehicles should their current EV lineup succeed. Many are curious as to what may come next from the think-tank that is Elon Musk; And with curiosity comes imagination, as James McGinnity demonstrates with his sketch of the Tesla Allterrain Concept.

Tesla Allterrain

In what appears to be a thesis project during his internship at Tesla, McGinnity imagines the potential of Tesla’s brand and product ecosystem when applied to an offroad vehicle. Given the different challenges that the great outdoors will pose, McGinnity’s Tesla Allterrain Concept is a huge departure from what we’ve seen on their production lines.

What is perhaps the core of the Allterrain concept is Tesla’s flat-floor architecture which serves as the vehicle’s powerplant. Fitted with a 70kwh battery pack as well as one motor for each axle, the Allterrain is then bestowed with 4WD – a must for any serious offroader.

Tesla Allterrain

The space frame that is fitted on top of the flat-floor powertrain is akin to that of a desert buggy in its size and shape. Given that there is no engine in front, the front tub can conveniently house a full-size spare tire without having to impede the exterior. Considering the girth of a full-size spare, the front grille can drop down similar to a pick-up’s tailgate. Alongside that the front windscreen employs a safari-style droppable mechanism as well, allowing for a better view of the surrounding nature.

The doors, much like in a Jeep, are removable for wet terrain. A targa top is featured as well to allow for an open-top experience while maintaining a solid roof profile. Out back, the C-pillar is also a removable affair, with its enveloping glass embedded with solar cells to allow regeneration of energy through sunlight. The rear pretty much serves the same purpose as that of a pickup, with a tailgate and ample storage for outdoor gear.

The tail light and the swing arm are interestingly incorporated into one, with the lights serving as handles to open the tailgate as well as the swing arm. With the swing arm connecting the pair of tail lights, a pair of “Battery Backpacks” can be attached to the rear. The packs in this case are interestingly shaped and colored like a standard Jerry Tank of Fuel; Makes perfect sense considering they serve the same purpose.

While the Tesla Allterrain is probably the last thing from a production model, we hope that Elon Musk will take a page out of James McGinnity’s book and turn this vehicle into reality eventually!

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