Darren Cox eSports

After having founded the very successful GT Academy “gamer to racer” program for Nissan, Darren Cox now sets out to launch the very first virtual professional racing team.

Called ‘eSPORT+CARS’, the team will attempt to capitalize on the growing audiences of eSports while drawing interest towards motorsports. Since the latter has seen dwindling viewership as of late, perhaps bringing motorsport towards the computer screens may once again spark interest among millenials.

To do this, the former Nissan executive aims to recreate a full racing team that exists solely in the virtual world – but will work along the same standards as a full-fledged professional racing team. Cox aims to reach millenials who immerse themselves in sports through gaming and help build a new kind of motorsport audience in order to augment declining viewership figures for the sport.

The eSPORT+CARS Virtual Racing Team is a first step in professionalizing motorsport in the virtual world,” Cox said.

“We want to use the team to shine a light on the huge opportunity that is virtual motorsport and we will do it by mirroring the approach of the best teams and brands in the real motorsport world. Eventually we want to have the very best virtual drivers from around the globe, playing together across every platform, in every type of motor racing game; attending eSports events, working and competing as a team, engaging with fans as a team. Why? Because I see it as a very exciting first step in bringing new fans to the grandstands, whether they be at eSport events or Silverstone on a wet and windy Sunday.”

The team’s efforts have attracted interest from traditional motorsport outfits that are willing to extend their assistance. Greaves Motorsport for example have become the first partners of eSPORT+CARS. With background in developing young drivers from virtual to reality, Greaves Motorsport will be using their Le Mans-winning background to bring the virtual racing team to a very high level.

What is e-sports

The eSPORT+CARS team is now currently competing on various gaming platforms such as Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, Project Cars, and rFactor.

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