(WARNING: Videos contain explicit language)

Nick Murray is an Australian cinematographer living in the United States who loves Porsches.

After five years of hard work he finally bought himself a brand-new, dark blue, Porsche 911 Carrera S.

‘He’s so lucky,’ you might exclaim, as who wouldn’t envy someone who owns one of the world’s finest driver’s cars with impeccable German reliability to boot?

Nick would probably disagree with you on the reliability part, since his 911 turned out to be a rear-engined lemon. He jokingly calls the car’s problems “optional extras” – first starting with the faulty back-up sensors, escalating to a whole bunch of bigger problems (one of which alarmingly involves smoke coming into the cabin from the passenger-side door).

Sick of months of taking his car to the Porsche mechanic and incensed by the possibility of the dealer filing a lawsuit against him, Nick did what he does best: he made a video, demanding a full refund.

It went viral, as Nick garnered over 1.3 million views for this video. He said he even got offers to appear on radio and television shows to talk about his misfortunes with his 911.

Three days later, Nick posted another video, saying that he got what he wanted, even saying that he is considering getting another 911, calling the model he got a “one-off car.”

One thing is for sure: the man loves his Porsches.

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