You can take your pet goldfish out for a walk too, if this invention makes it into production.

Dutch computer vision firm Studio diip is developing a mobile aquarium for its ‘Fish on Wheels’ program and needs at least €40,000 (about Php 2.47 million) in pledges, via a Kickstarter campaign, to help get the program into full-scale production.

PHOTO CREDIT: Fish on Wheels

Fish on Wheels design (PHOTO CREDIT: Fish on Wheels)


The aquarium is essentially a small fish tank mounted onto an electric car. It has a camera connected to a computer that detects the direction the fish is swimming and makes the car follow suit.

The firm is offering many versions of the aquarium, depending on the pledge you make.

PHOTO CREDIT: Fish on Wheels

Fish on Wheels timeline (PHOTO CREDIT: Fish on Wheels)


For €199 (a little over Php 12,250), you can be among the first people in the world to get the ‘Early bird’ edition by sometime July 2014. The people who avail this will also serve as the pilot testers of the car.

Meanwhile, a €249 (about Php 15,330) pledge will get you the final, optimized version by around September 2014.

The company said if it raises €70,000 (about Php 4.31 million), it can fit the vehicle with color-changing, light emitting-diode (LED) headlights with turn signals.

If it raises €150,000 (approximately Php 9.24 million), you can choose from one of three exterior colors for the aquarium and give your pet fish an aquatic nightclub with a set of color-changing LEDs for the water.

Watch the video below to see the fishy go.

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