So after many years of back and forth between the actors of the original Ghostbusters and its producers, a remake if finally getting made and it is one that has a totally fresh approach.

Director Paul Feig has put together an all-female ‘ghostbusters’ cast led by Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, and although they haven’t revealed the plot, the movie is set to be released by mid-July 2016.

One thing Feig has revealed though is the new Ecto-1 that will be used tin chasing after otherworldly creatures via his Twitter account using #whattheygonnadrive.

The original Ecto-1 used by Bill Murray and the rest of the original cast was based on a 1959 Cadillac, which came in an ambulance form.

Staying true to the original flick by keeping the Cadillac brand, the latest Ecto-1 though will be based off an 80’s model with a more morbid twist, it’s the hearse variant.

Feig posted a before and after series of photos, showing the Cadillac in its original form and then complete with Ghostbusters livery.


He also welcomed comments, good or bad, regarding the new Ecto-1 on this Twitter account. “Not blocking or deleting. I hear you all and appreciate all your input, good or bad. Thanks,” Feig said on Twitter.


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