Remember the 1957 BMW 507 that used to belong to ‘The King’ Elvis Presley? BMW has just finished restoring it and it looks beautiful in every angle.

In 1958, when he was on duty in Germany, the King bought the 1957 507 Roadster from BMW. However, Elvis was only its second-owner. Before him, it was owned by Hans Stuck also known as the “Hillclimb Champion”. It was a legendary car fit for the King. The roadster was used repeatedly for test drives, exhibited at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, and was presented to King Baudouin of Belgium before Presley bought the car for himself.


After his military service, he brought the car back stateside with the help of the US army. Later in 1962, he sold the car to Tommy Charles, a Chrysler dealer based in New York who modified it for drag racing. It then went to Jack Castor in 1968 who originally planned to restore it. He decided, however, to store it before shipping the car to BMW back in 2014.


When it arrived at the BMW Museum, the 507 Roadster had no engine and transmission. It was also in decrepit state with rusty bodywork, ragged interior, and an aftermarket rear axle. It was evident that it suffered years of neglect.


BMW, in honor of the King, decided to rebuild the car to its original specification. The BMW Group Classic Team carefully dismantled the 507, piece by piece. They restored its 3.2 liter V8 engine and repainted the car to its original Feather White color (Elvis had it painted Porsche Red when he bought it). Its leather upholstery was designed based on previous photographs of the car. Using a 3D printer, BMW was able to fit it with period-correct door handles and window winders.

The newly restored BMW will be publicly showcased at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

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