From afar, it seems like a well-looked after Skyline GT-R R34 but it is actually a 2001 Acura Integra that has the rear end of the former.

We’ve seen our share of Frankenstein-inspired vehicles like the Camaro-Vette pickup and the Porsche 350Z Gran Turismo but this one in particular has that love-it or hate-it look right from the start.

We can’t exactly put it into words but there is just something not right with the Skyline rear even though it was intricately done. However, it does have a lovely Bayside Blue finish, which is one of the Skyline’s instantly recognizable colors.

Acura 2

Other exterior equipment fitted on the Integra are: a wide bodykit, a custom lightweight hood and a carbon fiber wing.

This Integra Skyline is able to support its fast looks with a fully-built 400 PS engine. The 1.8-liter inline-four motor underwent a complete engine rebuild with a variety of engine upgrades like a Turbonetics 66mm turbocharger, 550cc fuel injectors, a Greddy eManage Engine Tuning ECU and a Tial 38mm wastegate with a 50mm blow off valve. It has been detuned to 385 PS to preserve its longevity.

Acura 3

It is currently being sold at eBay with a price tag of $15,000 (about PhP 672,390) and the seller has also claimed that this Integra has not been raced or riced.

We’re still having mixed feelings about the rear section of the car but the performance upgrades add a nice touch to this one-off Acura.

Source: eBay via CarThrottle

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