The Mechanical Engineering Society of De La Salle University-Manila (DLSU) held its annual event, ‘Automized: Adrenaline Auto Show,’ last March 15, 2014 at the Harbour Square Parking Lot, CCP Complex.


Social media were filled with #Adrenaline, #Automized2k14 and #FeelTheRush hashtags on this 4th iteration of the car show. Indeed, they were able to showcase the coolest and the most pimped-out cars around the Metro. Notable ones include an mud-splattered, off-road-ready Mitsubishi Pajero – complete with a windshield protector and a roof rack packed with lights and a gatling gun. There was also an attention-grabbing Hyundai Starex, with scissor doors and a bright orange interior packed with speakers and monitor screens.

The car entries were more than enough to compete for the ‘Loudest Engine Roar,’ the ‘Exotic Car,’ ‘Themed’ and the ‘People’s Choice Award.’


There were zero regrets for the lucky car enthusiasts, who won the passenger-seat experience for the car drifting exhibition by DMF Drift. As they are trying to capture this once in a lifetime moment using their mobile device, you can see their thrilled faces in every turn.

For a car enthusiast, all five senses were aroused in this event.


From sight (Brand-new cars, eco cars, stock cars and modified cars), sound (Speaker-filled cars, roaring engines and screeching tires), smell (New car smell, exhaust fumes and burning tires), taste (Burgers and fries from the food trucks) and feel (The adrenaline rushing from the drift exhibition).

DLSU car club’s prides and joys, their cars, were definitely present and on display for other car enthusiasts to see.

Looking forward to De La Salle’s 5th Automized auto show.

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