Dindin Santiago-Manabat will be joining the Foton Tornadoes after resting for only three months upon giving birth. The former National Lady Bulldog will now be playing in the same team as her younger sister, Jaja Santiago, and her former opponents.

“Since the FOTON Tornadoes joined Philippine SuperLiga (PSL), their line-up has been gaining notice for its Cinderella-story-like rise in the court. The group started the season placing on the lower half yet ended it up wearing the crown. That’s what I admire the most and I’m very grateful to FOTON because they chose me to become part of the story,” said Santiago-Manabat.

In her final game during 2015 PSL Grand Prix before her maternity leave, she played against the Team Foton Tornadoes. The team eventually won the season’s championship and was given the right to represent Philippines in the upcoming Asian Women’s Club Championship as team FOTON Pilipinas.

Aside from her, to further strengthen the team, Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB) instructor Fabio Menta will be joining team FOTON Pilipinas as their coach.

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“Having a globally renowned coach like Menta in our team will be just one of FOTON’s bullets. The plan is not merely to take a single step higher. We are exploring more of the possibilities to win more victories not only in the Philippines but internationally, as well,” said FOTON Philippines Executive Vice President Anna Maria Parado.

FOTON Philippines believed that with Menta’s experience, he’ll be able to lead them as champion for this year’s upcoming Asian Women’s Club Championship.

“My goal is to make a higher upgrade by preparing new defensive schemes. The leagues where the Tornadoes have participated are evidences of their potential. But it should not end there. If we are to compete in world-class play, we have to train harder, sharper,” said Coach Fabio Menta.

Included in strengthening the FOTON Pilipinas team are Ariel Usher and Lindsay Stalzer. Both players, previously joined the PSL Grand Prix. The former as member of the Cignal HD Spikers while the latter as member of the FOTON Tornadoes.

To prepare for the Philippine SuperLiga Grand Prix 2016, the training of FOTON Team with Coach Fabio Menta will start shortly after the Asian Volleyball Club Championship.

The team will be representing the Philippines in the upcoming Asian Women’s Club Championship on September 3-11 at the Alonte Sports Arena, Biñan, Laguna.

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