If you have your eye set on getting a second hand car from the 90’s, you might just have a change of heart after watching this video.

In a recent crash test conducted by the Australasian New Car Assessment program (ANCAP), they pitted one of the best-selling car of the 90’s, a Toyota Corolla, against one of the world’s top-sellers of this decade, also a Toyota Corolla.

For this test, both cars were hurled towards each other at 64 km/h at a closing speed of nearly 130 km/h. Big Body Corolla fans, you really need to see this.

Yes, the old Corolla has crumple zones the same way the new one does, but the advancements in vehicle design (and stronger materials) have dramatically helped to soften the blow. These developments improved the chances for passengers and drivers to walk away from a crash rather than be extracted from a mangled heap.

Of course, the addition of other safety systems have helped the new Corolla perform the test well. Even if the older Corolla was perhaps one of the safer cars back in the 90’s, it was made in an era when airbags were reserved for top of the line models, anti-lock brakes, traction control and stability control were more of novelties, rather than necessities. These days, a Corolla can be had with six-airbags and a slew of safety systems that used to be exclusive in luxury cars.

There is a saying that goes, “they don’t make ’em like they used to”. When it comes to safety, that’s a good thing.

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