• Welcome to the Black Parade

    I write this open appeal to you in the hopes that you will all see the reason why we are all up in arms with our keyboards, our laptops, tablets and smartphones in hand about R.A. 10175...

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  • The life of a pedestrian

    Some think we're all about cars and drivers. Maybe it's time we take a look at things from the other side of the fence and see what it's really like to be a pedestrian on our streets....

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  • Targeted


    Someone, somewhere, does something silly and becomes the butt of all ridicule, insults, and all sorts of hostility on YouTube or Facebook. Always remember that if you want to get in on the action, the next one could be...

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  • Leading By Example

    I've always believed that the best way to see how really effective, efficient and just the system of governance is in a country can be done by taking a drive on its roads. Our government, on many levels, really...

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  • Getting Away With It

    Getting Away With It

    Some of you may frown at me for saying it, but really, I have to get it out: more and more, the perceived “poor” have been getting away with a lot of things on our streets. Now cue the...

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  • Cab Mentality

    Cab Mentality

    Just a few weeks ago, I was set on going to Cebu for an extended vacation, and decided to call Basic Taxi for a ride to the airport. When I told the operator where I was headed, however, things...

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