• Do you drive?

    My challenge to you, dear government officials, is to leave the red plate vehicles at the office and go for a drive just by yourself. ...

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  • What If…

    At some point we all get tired of how terrible our streets have become from a lack of discipline, of order and of enforcement. But what if the government can enforce every single rule, regulation or ordinance? What would...

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  • Rules are Rules

    Rules are Rules

    The government seems to be on a roll with new President Aquino. Understandably, he's out to flex his authority in the streets of the capital by ordering the universal apprehension of cars with unauthorized sirens and blinkers... but what...

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  • Driving a Point

    Odometer reading: 1299.5 kilometers. This is the moment when the Focus TDCI decides to sputter, starved of fuel after 4 days driving through all of Luzon, with the Bangui windmills of Pagudpud to our right. This is the Ford...

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  • The Many Faces on the Road

    The Many Faces on the Road

    We drivers have different “looks” and mannerisms when behind the wheel of a car; faces that can be affected by our mood, the way we drive, the road conditions, practically anything really. Here are 12 of them....

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  • The Montero Sport Challenge

    Having been doing a string of successful driving events for their new cars, Mitsubishi once again invited a select group of the motoring media to a driving event for their new 4x2 Montero Sport....

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  • Motorists Protection Anyone?

    Motorists Protection Anyone?

    There are motor insurance, airbags, advanced seatbelts, and tons of electronic safety devices for new cars today. But did it ever cross your mind that motorists in the Philippines are among the most unprotected of its kind in the...

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