• New Car Scent

    That New Car Scent

    Do you remember the smell of your car when it was new? I vaguely remember mine, as my truck has clocked in more than 20,000 kilometers already in just a year....

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  • The Montero Sport Challenge

    Having been doing a string of successful driving events for their new cars, Mitsubishi once again invited a select group of the motoring media to a driving event for their new 4x2 Montero Sport....

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  • First Splash page

    In Retrospect

    The month of September marks the anniversary of More specifically, September 2007 marks the 7th year that the site has existed. Ever since that fateful day on September 25, 2000 the site has grown tremendously by leaps and...

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  • The new face of

    This month we start with a new face for for all you loyal readers out there. It has been a while, or let me say four years since we worked with the previous look and logo. Rest assured...

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