The ultimate beer-run vehicle is back

While it’s no longer illegal to move 400 cases of Coors into Atlanta, perhaps many would still dream of running a black Trans-Am cross-country for the sake of beer. The black 1977 Pontiac Trans-Am with a gold phoenix on its hood has become an icon of a generation, and much like the many children-turned-adults who’ve seen Smokey and The Bandit, Burt Reynolds hasn’t forgotten the iconic car one bit.


Such has the memory of those days lasted in fact that lately Mr. Reynolds has been cooking something up; Namely reviving the legendary Trans-Am in a modern, refreshed iteration.

The new Bandit Trans-Am is made with the help of Trans-Am Worldwide, a company that has recently been making rounds in muscle car circles and is known for reviving the Trans-Am brand through their products. Currently Trans-Am Worldwide owns the rights to Pontiac and the Trans-Am, and they are dedicated to keeping the legend alive. In the case of Burt Reynolds and 76 other lucky owners, they’ve set out to create a limited edition run of the new Trans-Am in its full Bandit glory.

What looks to be a car based off the Chevrolet Camaro, the new Trans-Am will have all the signature bits and bobs from the famous movie car. Pieces such as a T-Top roof, gold snowflake wheels, and the golden phoenix painted onto the black shaker hood instantly bring the car that much closer to the original.

Since the Camaro doesn’t look anything like the Pontiac Trans-Am, a full conversion of its front and rear sections had to be done in order to get the full look right. The front end receives quad headlamps recessed into a talon-shaped bumper, while the rear end gets a notched ducktail wing spanning the whole width of the car as well as recessed and grated tail and reverse lights much like that of the original Trans-Am.

To make some proper smoke out of the rear wheels, the Trans-Am will be powered by an 790PS (800HP) LS V8 motor. And as if that’s not the best piece of the car, the true icing on the cake is that each of the 77 cars to be made will be numbered and signed by Burt Reynolds himself.

Hit the clip below to watch the Trans-Am come to life again:

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