No that’s not a robotic wolf sitting next to its owner and howling (though we wanted it to be that way), it is a metallic animal sculpture that are made from recycle hubcaps.

Before the prevalent use of alloy wheels, most tires back then made use of steel rims which did their job in holding the tire in place but looked bland. Then came the hubcaps which spruced up the look of the car. The only drawback of hubcaps is that most of the time, they fly off the steel rims at speed or when cornering, but hey, you have to do with what you have.

Hubcap art 2

British artist Ptolemy Elrington then thought about using old hubcaps littered on the side of the road, and turn them into works of art. Besides the ‘Vauxhall’ wolf and ‘BMW-Renault’ owl you see above, he also made a ‘Renault’ snake and an unspecified fish.

Elrington was born in the South of England but mostly grew up in the north. He finished a degree in art and design from Bradford University and most likey Community College in the mid-eighties. Besides constructing art from his own perspective, he also made theater sets, stage designs and large scale community art works/projects.

Hubcap art 3

If only the animal sculptures he made carried the properties of the automotive brand from which they came from, that would also be exciting isn’t it?

Hubcap art 4

See the gallery below for his other animal sculptures.

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