skyway onramp

Southbound motorists taking Skyway might be in for a surprise when they discover that traffic officials have closed access to the elevated expressway for those coming from the Buendia Flyover along Osmena Highway. I was one of these ‘surprised motorists’. There were signs along the side of the bridge advising Skyway bound motorists to take the Magallanes on-ramp; but isn’t it a bit too late already?

Access used to be allowed from the flyover through a rather uncharacteristic partially blocked portion of the road that restricts turning right into Faraday Street. This not only dangerous and prone to traffic accidents, but also causes traffic. However, authorities recently decided to extend the barriers to prevent access for vehicles coming from the Buendia Flyover to plug the potential traffic hazard.

Due to the rehabilitation of the Magallanes elevated interchange, traffic has been very bad in this area to say the least. Some motorists have taken traffic rules and regulations into their own hands and are circumventing the barriers by going past them and backing up in order to access the Skyway on-ramp. This is not only illegal and but dangerous.

It is not right to inconvenience and endanger the safety of others for your own convenience.

Concerned citizen and traffic safety advocate Elbert Cuenca has taken the initiative to outline a safe alternative for those who insist to take the route.


“I am also affected by that closure. However, it doesn’t take much to just turn right at the next street (Rockefeller), right to Batangas Street, and then right into Faraday. It’s a small loop and it’s much faster than going “ilalim” on the Buendia flyover or crawling in traffic all the way to Magallanes,” says Cuenca.

Hats off to Mr. Cuenca for sharing this safe and convenient alternate route.

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