A Nissan 180SX that has not been radically modified? It is something out of fiction as most examples of the nameplate are either highly-tuned or aren’t recognizable at all.

Known to gearheads as one of the best handling and performing entry-level JDMs around, this almost stock, 1995 model is not only in good running condition but has a clean exterior as well; no large wings or overly-done bodykit ruining the perfect lines of the 180SX.

Nissan 2

Inside, the gray interior is kept clean and there are no cracks on the plastic trims. The owner will even throw in the original service manual which can be seen on the driver’s seat.

Nissan 3

Currently being sold on CarSales Australia with a price tag of AUD 7,000 (about PhP 239,235), the only modifications done to car can be found on the 2.0-liter turbocharged SR20DET engine. Don’t fret as the upgrades are only minor which include a front-mounted intercooler, a stainless-steel turbo back exhaust system and a turbo timer which are all genuine HKS products according to the seller. The open-flow air filter however is not an HKS model, as well as the Cusco strut tower bar.

Nissan 4

While the car is being sold with “drifter’s tax”, this 180SX will likely find a new owner easily, given the seemingly excellent condition for a 156,000 km car. We only hope that this particular model be kept stock but given its pedigree, we won’t be surprised that it’ll be modified to within an inch of its life.

Source: CarSales Australia via Car Throttle

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