Cars of today are infused with technology that’s getting more and more advanced with every generation. Before one had to master the “arts” of performing tasks like parking, backing up, maneuvering in traffic, among others, to be able to drive effectively.

If Hyundai has anything to say about it, however, those days will soon be over thanks to smart technology.

Recently Hyundai did a blind test drive of the 2015 Genesis to demonstrate the rear cross-traffic alert system of the vehicle.

Hyundai says the rear cross-traffic alert system of the 2015 Genesis is designed to notify drivers of approaching traffic behind the vehicle. When a certain vehicle is detected, it will provide an audible and visual display warning.

In Hyundai’s blind test drive, stunt driver Rhys Millen can be seen on-board a Genesis as he attempts to safely cross the swinging containers that weighs 2,268 kilograms.

Now that sounds easy for a stunt driver, but Hyundai had a twist in store: the windows and windshields of the Genesis are all blacked-out. Yes the driver can’t see a thing outside. Millen has to trust the rear cross-traffic alert system to be able to cross the swinging containers.

Watch the video to see how Hyundai’s rear cross-traffic alert system works its magic.

Furthermore, Hyundai’s blind test drive also demonstrated the lane assist and the automatic emergency braking feature of the 2015 Genesis. Check out the video.

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