They don’t call him “Money” for nothing.

At the recent Quail Motorsports Gathering, Floyd Mayweather put his name down for a rare and bespoke supercar. Mayweather’s latest acquisition is the Kode57 Enji. Designed by Ken Okuyama, he is the same designer responsible for the Ferrari Enzo, Maserati Birdcage and had a hand designing the Porsche 996 and Boxster.

Mayweather 2

“This is a car Floyd has been highly interested in and psyched about getting. I have been working on this project for six years and Floyd has been my main target in getting this car… so he is pretty excited in finally seeing it and getting it,” said Okeke.

With that said, it’s no surprise that Mayweather is the very first name on the order book. Price was not indicated but reports do mention a sum upwards of two million dollars. Only five of these bespoke hypercars are slated for production. With a net worth that sees nine figures, this exotic is well within “Money” Mayweather’s means.

Mayweather 3

The rare roadster is powered by a 6.0 liter V12 motor producing 678 ps and 607 nm of torque. Once Mayweather gets his Kode57 Enji, it will join the company of the retired boxer’s other hypercars. His collection includes three Bugatti Veyrons, several Ferraris and a fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms to name a few.

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